Chaos;Head Noah


Takumi Saijo is a second grader in high-school.
He claims to be '...not interested in three dimensions', and is enclosed by a large amount of nymph figure in the room where he lives.
The continuous bizarre murder event that was called 'The new generation's frenzy (alias new-gene)' had occurred in Shibuya where he lived.
The criminal has not been caught yet, and is firing the net and the television.
One day, an anonymous person, sends him an image that prophesies the next new-gene event.

The next day, on his way to school, he finds ...

- description taken from the Apple AppStore


ChäoS;HEAd: 5pb, Mages, Nitro+

PC Translation: Dagger & his team

iOS Translation Port: Ant08, lolgc

Install Instructions:

Apple iOS:

1. Jailbreak your iDevice
2. Install the App from the AppStore (works for the Lite Version, too)
3. Download the patch files for iOS.
4. Install them via iFunbox.

Current Version:
CH1.0.3 ~ 28.11.2012
old version from 2012; working next on a Noah Update