Guilty Crown: Lost XMas


The visual novel is set in Japan, 10 years before the start of the main storyline and will explain what happened during the events of the 'Lost Christmas' incident. The main character, codenamed Scrooge, has been the subject of many experiments over the years along with many others. Carol, the main female character, was also a test subject who is relevant to the story as well. Scrooge came into contact with her while on the run and the two escaped together. Soon after they meet a girl called Present, who's fate is somehow intertwined with Scrooge and Carol's...
 - description taken from


Guilty Crown: Nitro+

Translation: Aiden K., Crysis99
Editing: Crysis99, Andrew Siu
Current Version:

Beta (Translation is 100% complete):
LX0.0.1 ~ December 2015
(Please note, that this is a very old build, so bugs may occour. If you find any, please post them either on this fuwanovel thread, or pm me on Twitter.) 
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